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Brussels Agromart Ltd. has serviced the rural farming community since 1963. Canadian Industries Limited (CIL) built the plant in 1963 and contracted Topnotch Feeds to operate the facility. They sold pre-bagged fertilizer and pre-blended bulk fertilizer from the plant. Product was received by truck and rail.

In 1973 CIL resumed management of the location and hired Jim Knight as operations manager. The plant was expanded to handle more fertilizer storage. Anhydrous ammonia was also available.

In 1980 CIL joint ventured the location with Dave and Jeanette Boyton. Dave operated the location until December 18, 1988 when Merle and Rhonda Hoegy purchased his shares and became the new owners of Brussels Agromart Ltd., and they still operate the business today. In 1990 the partnership with CIL ended as ICI purchased CIL. In 1993 Terra Industries purchased ICI shares to become the new partners. In 1998 the Agronomy Company of Canada was formed and became Merle and Rhonda’s new partner and still is today.

Timeline: 1963: Location built.

1973: CIL resumed management of facility.

1977: Bagger unit installed to meet growing needs for bagged fertilizer. A 6te rotary blender was added to meet new demand for custom blended product to fit field requirements.

1980: Joint venture formed. Dave added storage for 28% liquid nitrogen.

1988: Merle and Rhonda purchased shares to become new partners. Additional bagged and bulk fertilizer storage added to accommodate growth.

1990: Row crop sprayer added to allow for professional application of crop protection products to growers' fields.

1994: Second row crop sprayer added to fleet.

1995: Chemical warehouse redone to become compliant with industry requirements. Bulk chemical storage added to reduce amount of jug product used and to encourage the use of refillable totes.

1996: New airflow purchased reflecting the business growth.

1997: Moved to larger high-clearance row crop sprayers. Fleet today now has four units.

1998: New 8te vertical blender and high-speed leg added to decrease wait times for customers. Seed storage was constructed and a larger shop built.

2003: New office constructed to alleviate congestion in the office as well as the yard for growers.

2006: Bulk seed storage and treater added to meet new demands for treated seed.

2008: Overhead bulk fertilizer storage bins were constructed to allow preloading of blended product to decrease wait times for the customer.

2010: New bagger unit installed.

2011: A second 8te vertical blender and unloading conveyer were installed to decrease wait times. Another 28% storage silo constructed to meet the growing requirements of our growers.

2012: Added new RG1100 row crop sprayer to handle the higher application rates of 28%

2013: Purchased new TerraGator with wet/dry boom to replace existing air flow.  Allows fertilizer and herbicides to be applied simultaneously.